Harvesting Copra in Vanuatu


Photography to fix the world?

I often think that doing photography is like creating pictures in a perspective of mending the world around us. I look around me and I wonder how many activities man devotes to repairing the damage he  he causes to the living beings and environment. Recognizing that the relationship between humans and animals is often a relationship of power and subjugation, one of the major issues of my photographic work is to remind us that animals, just as humans, are sentient and conscious beings. I consider animals like us, passengers on this planet.
My work shows different types of relationships between humans and animals: confinement (under the pretense of protection and compassion); "controlled" or tolerated freedom (animals living freely in urban areas), emotional and financial relationships when animals are at the center of gambling games, public performances or attractions; domestic relationships with companion animals, the world of agriculture and breeding...

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